Do You Have Challenges Managing Time, Organizing, or Planning?

Don’t worry, we all do! But when you learn how to manage your time, you have greater control over your life. You can meet deadlines, be on time, coordinate a busy schedule and reduce the stress in your life.

Manage your time with support of your executive functions

How is your time management?

What we do, when we do it and how we get it done are controlled by the executive functions of the brain. Do you have difficulty keeping your life (and stuff) organized? Is it hard to plan and prioritize your day? Are you frustrated with a lack of motivation or letting others down? The Time Professionals will show you how to keep time and task in order.

Our approach to time management, organization and planning is entirely brain-based. In our courses, you understand how your brain is wired and how to work with your strengths – and weaknesses. Together, we train your brain to use the visual tools and strategies that will help you reach your goals.

Adults: Would You Like To Improve Your Time Management and/or Planning?

Join a scheduled class on time management or contact us for more information about our private training. We teach in person in the Portland Metro area, Sonoma County, CA and online anywhere in the world. Get on the fast track to greater productivity and learn how to:

  • • Show up on time with ease
  • • Plan your day effectively and efficiently
  • • Plan for future events
  • • Stop losing/wasting time
  • • Get started on tasks you keep putting off
  • • Manage daily details


Adults & Families: Do You Need More Extensive Executive Functioning Support?

We teach 6 week and intensive courses of the Seeing My Time® Program. This course is taught from the perspective of the brain and participants walk away with greater ability to deliver what they need to – and on time. Students learn how to organize their piles and thoughts as well as their lives. Read about our private one-on-one courses and the Intensive Group Course in California (August 2018).

We Offer The Following Options

To Support Your Time Management, Organization & Planning Skills


What Our Students Say…

Seeing My Time - executive functioning skills for families by The Time Professionals

In one three hour class, Mary Ellen introduced me to a number of tools and techniques that have simplified my life, enabling me to create order and serenity where there was disorder and anxiety, and to make progress in areas where I’d been stuck.

I’m no longer drowning in a mountain of minutiae and piles of papers, and the things that I want and need to get done are getting done–all of which makes life much more relaxing and satisfying. And perhaps best of all, Mary Ellen has made it fun!
~ Laurie Hoff Schaad

I’ve struggled my whole life with distraction and procrastination, especially in work situations with challenging, unclear projects and tasks. I spent a couple of afternoons with Mary Ellen figuring out what was getting in my way . . . and what I could do about it. I’ve since implemented several of the tools that I learned from her and things are much improved! And she was fun to work with. Highly recommended for anyone with similar challenges.
~ Bill Hefferman